Saturday, 10 April 2010

Spring is here... or at least we seem to have sunshine

Arggh! The problem with living in two countries is you can often find yourself in the wrong one at the wrong moment. Gorgeous sunshine here, which I'm very grateful for, but really we ought to be in France. The Easter break last week, was a mixture of rain and wind but with a little tantalising sunshine.

For many weekends now, I've been touring the French garden, peering intensely at half-frozen bits of ground, wondering if this was the spot I planted any bulbs. Over Easter, most of my bulbs started to come up, though frustratingly many of the tulips remained firmly closed. On our last day, one or two came out to say hello. I can only guess at what they are all doing now with our backs turned and several days of wonderful sunshine.

Meanwhile, back in London, I content myself with shop-bought tulips that adorn my mantlepiece, their colours are just lushciously 'melt in the mouth' and so similar to the book cover on Sanderson that came this morning: The Essence of English Decoration by Mary Schoeser. 

I haven't had a chance to look at it properly, but it's beautifully produced and takes you through the key design moments in Sanderson's extraodinary 150 year history, and it has a preface by Zandra Rhodes.

What I love about the Sanderson range is that it's all about the botanical world, the outside brought inside, and somehow thorough the ages, they've managed to tailor their designs to the fashion of the moment whilst somehow giving their designs a classic air.

Coming soon are cushion covers made from a gorgeous selection of vintage fabric: from big bosomy roses to these retro anemones and a crisp white vintage French linen. New cushion covers are a great way of refreshing a room or a slightly weary sofa. Rather than re-decorate or move home even, a change of mood and colour can make your home environment more inviting.

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